Paint Brushes and all Those Lenses . . .

Blog ©Randy Ziegler

While visiting an art museum and looking at the painted masterpieces, do you say to yourself, “I wonder what brush or tools the painter used?”  Most likely not.  I would surmise that the majority of people would respond to the painting first and foremost on some basic, human emotional level elicited by their personal worldviews, beliefs and values.  In my opinion, it does not matter what brushes or tools the artist used.  The important question to ask yourself is “why” the painting or photograph captivated your attention, and why it made you feel something.

Over the years, as a professional photographer the most vexing question I often hear is, “What kind of camera or lens did I use to capture a particular image?”  Unfortunately, I feel too many photographers have not freed themselves from the technical grasp of photography.  The art got lost in all those shiny lenses and sophisticated cameras, f-stops, shutter speeds, color gamma, bit depth, Photoshop and so much more.  To quote renowned photographer Edward Weston, “Good composition is merely the strongest way of seeing.”  How true!  It never is just about the camera or number of lenses you own.  They are the tools that allow us to create visually.  Where the photographer leads, the camera follows.

Let your personal vision, passion and self-expression create the masterpiece!


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