The New Nikon D850 . . . Sweet!

Blog RZ

I have been shooting with Nikon’s new 45.7 MP D850 camera for the past month, and I am impressed! Truly a camera for all seasons and styles of photography!  The ergonomics are spot on.  A nice feel in the hand with intuitive placement of buttons and controls.  Of course, I love the tilting monitor.  It makes capturing those low-angled shots a little easier as I age.  The high-resolution sensor allows for creative in-camera cropping possibilities, or in post-production.  Wonderful flexibility!  The improved high ISO delivers nice, clean images up to ISO 6,400!  This opens the ‘shooting in low-light door’ a little wider.  I also see a slight increase in tonal dynamic range over my Nikon D810 cameras (which are the crème of the crop in dynamic range).  In my captures, the D850 is holding even more highlight detail, which is always a good thing.

I captured the image of a staircase with the Nikon D850/Nikon 18-35mm lens (unaltered image, straight out of the camera).  The image is very sharp and holding an amazing amount of detail from the darkest area, to the lightest area of the photograph.

Just a short update (more to follow), on what I think is the most versatile and user-friendly camera Nikon has ever produced, and that I have ever used  Bravo Nikon!

Keep chasing the sweet light!


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