Barbara Bush Remembered . . .

©Randy Ziegler

I had the privilege of knowing and photographing the First Lady during my photographic career. During our photographic sojourns, Barbara was always joyful and her genuine charm put everyone at ease.  I fondly remember a conversation before one of the photo shoots in which I called her, “America’s favorite Grandmother.” Barbara’s eyes lit up, and she patted my shoulder and said, “You’re too kind!” I will never forget her genuine warmth. Thanks Barbara for always making my job easier, and making the world a better place!!!


One thought on “Barbara Bush Remembered . . .

  1. I met Barbara and George too when I covered them for our newsletters and magazines at St. Joseph hospital in Houston about 1979. It was my first job and they certainly made me comfortable while interviewing and photographing them. Barbara gave a wonderful presentation about their years in China. They were wonderful supporters of the hospital. Ours paths crossed again as Edna Gladney Home was a client and their son adopted children there – George and Laura almost did too before the twins. The family also supported Glafney through the years in their charitable endeavors. Wonderful, gracious lady indeed!

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