Grand Canyon surprise . . .

Blog RZ 2

In April, my wife and I spent time exploring the magnificent Grand Canyon National Park. I was hoping for a sunny day to photograph those late afternoon shadows chasing across the canyon walls and valley. What a surprise I got! The entire day would only give me a soft blanket of diffused, overcast light. Only when I changed my point of view did things begin to reveal themselves. Instead of lamenting about the present situation, I chose to embrace the soft, painterly light and explore the visual possibilities!

My favorite image of the day is this one! I saw the image in my mind’s eye even before I lifted the Nikon to my eye. It spoke to me in its own canyon way, even with the hordes of people around me. I was lost in time with the artistically colored tapestry before me.

In the end, photography really comes down to letting go of our preconceived expectations, and embracing the natural, wondrous moments before us. It always leads me to the next great image.

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