Yellow Larch – Julian Alps

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Autumn is a great time to photograph the changing colors in the Julian Alps. This image was taken in the breathtaking Triglav National Park of Slovenia. Early afternoon light was a bit too harsh for my liking, so I waited for some clouds to pass overhead. As a result, it gave a softer, painterly quality to the scene before me. Which is exactly what I had visualized in my mind’s eye. Thank you nature for cooperating!

2 thoughts on “Yellow Larch – Julian Alps

  1. From your photos it looks like a fantastic trip. Are you planning to visit there again next fall? Thanks for sharing your advice!

  2. Always happy to share my photo pearls:) It was an incredible photo/travel adventure! If I could only go to one region in Europe, this would be it! A plethora of photo opportunities, breathtaking scenery, flavorful food, and charming people. Mary and I are considering leading another small sized photo tour to Slovenia in 2020 or 2021. Keep on chasing that sweet light Phyllis!

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