There Are Photos Everywhere – 3

Blog RZ

A few days ago, I was meandering beside Long Creek that flows near the edge of our neighborhood property. The oak leaves being past their prime offered little in the way of exciting photo possibilities. However, there is always another photo possibility when we change our perspective and refocus the lens of our experience. When I did this, I found a myriad of photo possibilities expressed near my feet. A small pool of water was reflecting the most exquisite colors and patterns because of the slight breeze rippling the water. I was a kid again looking through an imaginary kaleidoscope. I was lost in time with the colorful, ever-changing show nature created.

As photographers, we do not have to always travel the ends of the earth to find thrilling pictures. They can be as close as your backyard or a neighborhood creek. When we learn to refocus the lens of our experience, we will see images where there was none before.

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