Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. ~ Annette Funicello

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My new Nikon 500mm PF f5.6 lens arrived a few days ago. Thank you Steve (West Photo, and Nikon Pro Services) for the fast delivery on a lens that is in high demand and not readily available. My initial thoughts after using this lens is one word, Awesome! For an extreme telephoto lens, it weighs only a tad over three pounds! Easily handheld, no need for a tripod folks. I can shoot this lens handheld as slow as 1/30 sec with Nikon’s excellent lens vibration reduction. Wow! Lens is extremely sharp, even shot wide open at f5.6. Another Nikon winner that makes it into my camera pack!

Of course, you buy a long telephoto lens for extra reach, and when you cannot physically move closer to your subject. However, I also love the fact that long lenses produce more compression in your photo and help to isolate your subject better. Only two flowers are rendered sharp in the photo above, which becomes the focal point of the image. Start thinking of your long telephoto lenses as a tool to help with subject isolation, image compression, and to soften foreground and background.

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