I’m lovin’ the Nikon 500mm PF lens . . .

Blog A RZ

After shooting with the Nikon 500mm f5.6 Phase Fresnel lens every day for over a week, two words come to mind, simply outstanding! This ultralight lens (only 3.2 pounds) is a joy to tote around shooting handheld all day. Its sharpness blew me away! This lens was made to shoot wide open at f5.6. With the awesome VR image stabilization, I can get consistently sharp images at 1/25 sec. More possibilities, more options for an available light photographer who prefers the freedom of shooting handheld.

Again, Nikon delivers! I now have an extreme telephoto lens that will allow me to expand my visual horizons. The included photo was shot at f5.6 from a fair distance. In addition, the tree was on private property; the photograph would not have been possible without the reach of the 500mm. While I love the extra reach of this lens, it’s other wonderful attributes are image compression and subject isolation from the foreground/background within your scene. All for now, off to shoot with my new best friend, the amazing Nikon 500 PF!

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