Bannack Ghost Town, Montana

Blog RZ 2

During our recent western sojourn, we made time to spend a day in an authentic, well-preserved gold mining town dating to 1862. Ambling the main street on a quiet July morning, one feels as though you were transported back in time. The over forty buildings have been preserve rather than restored, which only adds to the “frozen in time” feeling one gets. This image is the grand staircase of the red brick Hotel Meade.

I shot with natural, available light (my preferred style) to preserve the wonderful narrative of the scene. I used my favorite Nikon D850 camera with a Nikon 35mm f1.8 lens shot at 1/60 sec., @f6.3. I really love shooting with fixed focal length lenses! Many times it is my preferred choice over zoom lenses. There is nothing like a single focal length lens to make you move yourself in relation to your subject. As a result, more possibilities continue to reveal themselves.

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