A Morning Saunter . . .

There is something magical about an early morning saunter with my camera looking for that next expressive image! And Saint Tropez, France is most certainly a place to slow one’s pace, and take in the colorful, visual delights. When I observed this image possibility from across the street, I instinctively knew a person would add to the visual narrative of the scene. Within minutes, a woman came walking down the street. When I noticed her blue jean jacket, all I could do was smile! Her blue jacket was the perfect complimented to the woman’s eyes in the poster. Icing on the photographic cake!   

2 thoughts on “A Morning Saunter . . .

  1. Picture perfect!
    Loved the warm chocolate croissants you brought back to our room at the Hotel Ermitage following your early morning ‘photographic walkabout’! I will never forget the sprig of purple wisteria you found on your early morning journey. It scented our room in the most beautiful, elegant way.

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