Taken . . .

I have always been taken by a foggy or misty morning! There is something wonderfully enchanting about being immersed in its quiet and hidden mystery. The saturated colors of daytime are transformed in to the most delicious soft, muted tones. Yes, most of my photography tends to lean toward images with rich, saturated colors. But I thoroughly enjoy jumping out of my ‘artistic zone’ at times and embracing the wonder and photographic opportunities that are present on foggy mornings. Especially, given the fact that they do not happen that often where I live in Texas.

The enclosed image was captured in January of this year. I loved the distinct gestures of the trees and the mellow foreground color, which added depth and warmth to the photograph. After I completed my composition, I indeed took time to bathe in the serenity of the scene before me. I wanted to store this indelible moment in my memory bank to be retrieved in the years ahead.    

Check back, as I will be posting additional fog images, as part of a series, in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Taken . . .

  1. This is incredibly beautiful! As one who LOVES color I am always taken aback by the power of less or the absence of color. Andrew Wyeth is one of my favorite artists and he shows so much beauty and emotion with very bleak landscapes.

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