Interrupted . . .

I really love to photograph patterns! But I especially like it when I find a break in the uniformity of a pattern. To me, it adds a dimension of drama and visual intrigue to the photograph.

Image was captured in Essaouira, Morocco during a stroll through the souk (Moroccan market).

4 thoughts on “Interrupted . . .

  1. I love this sooo much, pattern and color are everything, and I love it when there is a break in the pattern. I have been trying to post on your website but they won’t let me!

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  2. Thank you, Jan! We certainly have that in common, as evident by the artful insight with your purposely chosen quilt design patterns and colors! We LOVE your masterpiece quilts!!!

  3. YES, I agree! I was attracted to patterns and colors at a young age. Little did I know then, photography would become my means of expression. We never quite know where live will take us . . . I embrace the wonder and mystery of it all!

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