Nikon Z9 Ticket . . .

I am having so much fun shooting with the Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera, I should have to buy a ticket! The Z9 makes for blissful image capture. I have been traveling and shooting an array of interesting things during the past weeks, and this camera just keeps on faithfully assisting my artful expressions. I think this is the most advanced and intuitive digital camera Nikon has ever produced.

A big plus for me is I rarely have to remove my eye from the viewfinder, as the buttons and dials are easily accessible with my right thumb and fingers. I can now keep my eye looking through the viewfinder capturing that next artful image. And with no mirror, there is no black-out during continuous frame capture like previous Nikon mirror digital cameras. I love it! Then throw in that cool, auto adjust bright electronic viewfinder, awesome in-camera vibration reduction (see you sometime, tripod), blazing fast autofocus acquisition, very low light metering capabilities, etc., etc., etc. I think you get my point . . . I’m lovin the Z9!

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