After the rain . . .

I delight in capturing flowers after a rain shower. The water droplets and color forms are new visual treats to my eyes! I used a Nikon 105mm macro lens to bring the viewer closer into this magical world.

Roadside Wonders . . .

Yesterday morning while driving to the grocery store, I was enthralled by all the beautiful Texas wildflowers growing in the road ditches. Of course, I had to pull over and capture some of the bountiful bouquets teasing me with their colors and placement.   

Abstract Friday’s . . .

Image of a broken mirror was captured in an alley. I am always looking for things I have never seen before. The broken mirror with the reflection of the blue sky, telephone wires, and the golden-colored building intrigue me. All the essentials were already there – light, color, and of course the gesture of the broken mirror. A slight move in any direction revealed a wonderful, new abstract expression. When you find a subject like this, let yourself go and play! Above all, photography should be fun!

Watchman of the Gulf . . .

These focused pelicans were keeping a watchful eye on the approaching fishing boats near Galveston harbor. A Nikon 300mm Phase Fresnel lens was the tool of choice for good subject isolation from the background. As a result, their gestures against the unobtrusive background takes center stage, which is what I wanted.

Morning Delight . . .

An early morning amble revealed this spring flower to me. As a photographer, I am always on the lookout for the delicacies of nature. Image captured faithfully in-camera. No need to improve on what natures does so well. 

Winter Frolic . . .

The horses frolicking during a recent Texas snowfall (last Sunday) was captured in our neighbor’s pasture. Thanks to my wonderful wife for holding the umbrella keeping the snow off me and my Nikon! Now that’s what I call “teamwork”!