Looking Down Again . . .

Another intriguing manhole cover that caught my attention! Capture as is with a Nikon D850/Nikon 24-85mm @85mm. These manhole covers just may become a mild obsession! A person passing by who saw me photographing the manhole cover asked, “Do you think you can turn it into art?” My reply, “The probability exists.”

To looking down and artful probabilities . . . 

Look Down . . .

Something wonderful may have happened! Had I remained photographing from my six feet perspective the simple, intriguing design of the manhole cover and acorns would have eclipsed me. Image was faithfully rendered as is, in full shade. As a result, the photograph has a slight, bluish tint that I felt enhanced the abstract quality of the image.

Aging Gracefully . . .

It is always fun for me to return to some of my favorite photo places and see if something I had previously photographed, could be reinterpreted from a fresh perspective. I have photographed this rusted fire escape a couple of times before, but this time, there was a different emotional response. I was taken by the delicate, little rosettes on the fire escape. How wonderful that whoever designed it, thought to add a touch of flair to what could have been, just another fire escape. And little did they know way back then, that a photographer would become taken by its design and natural rusting tones years later.

Photo notes: Late nineteenth century building with fire escape is resting peacefully in a small Texas town. Captured with a NikonD850/Nikon 70-200mm @145mm, from across the street.

Days Gone By . . .

Entrance to an abandon home in an old silver mining community located in the wilds of Montana. I used a 35mm Nikon lens fairly close to capture both the texture of the front door and the outside of the miner’s home. A wide-angle lens is great for layering your visual story! Choose the right tool/lens that best fits your narrative.

Taking a Break . . .

From all things photography today to watch this most important movie for the third time (click link below). KrisAnne Hall is one of the country’s top constitutional attorneys, who travels across America educating people on the constitution, liberty, natural rights, state sovereignty, our Founding Fathers, and so much more! I promise, you will be enlightened beyond your expectations! Give a watch! https://libertyfirstsociety.com/noncompliantmovie/

Khobz . . .

One of the great joys of being a travel photographer is submersing myself in another culture. And of course, that includes their traditional foods. While photographing in Morocco I soon discovered the tasty, authentic Moroccan bread known as Khobz. A crusty, stone-fired round bread that is served at most meals. The affable Berber Moroccan woman in the photograph was preparing Khobz for our evening dinner. She offered me a sample as we walked back under the stars to the lighted restaurant, which was at the edge of the Moroccan desert. All I could do was smile!  It just doesn’t get much better than that!

A Morning Saunter . . .

There is something magical about an early morning saunter with my camera looking for that next expressive image! And Saint Tropez, France is most certainly a place to slow one’s pace, and take in the colorful, visual delights. When I observed this image possibility from across the street, I instinctively knew a person would add to the visual narrative of the scene. Within minutes, a woman came walking down the street. When I noticed her blue jean jacket, all I could do was smile! Her blue jacket was the perfect complimented to the woman’s eyes in the poster. Icing on the photographic cake!