Interrupted . . .

I really love to photograph patterns! But I especially like it when I find a break in the uniformity of a pattern. To me, it adds a dimension of drama and visual intrigue to the photograph.

Image was captured in Essaouira, Morocco during a stroll through the souk (Moroccan market).

Fleeting Art . . .

A hand-painted building mural reflecting on a parked car. It is always thrilling for me to find objects or things that become artful in appearance due to the influence of environmental factors. There is exciting, though sometimes fleeting, artful possibilities that are constantly being revealed. Be passionate about the world around you and become taken by the little wonders. It is its own reward!

Taken . . .

I have always been taken by a foggy or misty morning! There is something wonderfully enchanting about being immersed in its quiet and hidden mystery. The saturated colors of daytime are transformed in to the most delicious soft, muted tones. Yes, most of my photography tends to lean toward images with rich, saturated colors. But I thoroughly enjoy jumping out of my ‘artistic zone’ at times and embracing the wonder and photographic opportunities that are present on foggy mornings. Especially, given the fact that they do not happen that often where I live in Texas.

The enclosed image was captured in January of this year. I loved the distinct gestures of the trees and the mellow foreground color, which added depth and warmth to the photograph. After I completed my composition, I indeed took time to bathe in the serenity of the scene before me. I wanted to store this indelible moment in my memory bank to be retrieved in the years ahead.    

Check back, as I will be posting additional fog images, as part of a series, in the near future.

Winter – Oxbow Park

Located in southern Minnesota, this lovely park is a delightful place to get lost in time capturing the wonders of nature with a camera. In this scene, I loved the soft, muted tones of the woods on this particular winter morning. I decided to add a contrasting element of color and texture to the photograph by including just a bit of warm colored, winter grass in the lower part of the frame. I am always on the lookout for contrasting elements that add depth, layering, and intrigue to my photographs.

Ode to Mexican Markets . . .

They are a wonderful place to find exciting fusions of color and design. And for an obsessed color photographer, that makes for a good day! This image was captured at the Historic Market Square in San Antonio, Texas. What is interesting is this photograph was not shot on the inside of the market, but a portion of an exterior wall that surrounds it.

As a photographer, it is easy to get caught-up in shooting in the central arena, which in this case was the colorful market within the walls. I have been there! But now, I make sure to take time to wander from the arena and find those “visual treats” that photographers tend to miss.

Image Acquisition Process: For this image, I used a Nikon D850/Nikon 70-200mm (@70mm), f14. The iron gate blocked access to the colored area behind. No problem, just look for the visual solution! I focused my lens to maintain critical sharpness on the black curvy bars, which resulted in the distance wall being rendered a pleasing softness that appealed to me. A few inches movement in any direction completely changed the background color relationship dramatically. This final composition was the one that spoke to me in a resounding way. Image captured in-camera, as I saw it.

Leaf Peeping . . .

We had a grand time this past week chasing fall colors in the Ouachita National Forest in Oklahoma. Around every bend through the forest there was another gentle scene to bathe the soul. We savored the wonder of it all!