Yellow Larch – Julian Alps

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Autumn is a great time to photograph the changing colors in the Julian Alps. This image was taken in the breathtaking Triglav National Park of Slovenia. Early afternoon light was a bit too harsh for my liking, so I waited for some clouds to pass overhead. As a result, it gave a softer, painterly quality to the scene before me. Which is exactly what I had visualized in my mind’s eye. Thank you nature for cooperating!

Ljubljana Lullaby . . .

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I recently led a photo tour to the inspiring European country of Slovenia. Our first stop was the colorful city of Ljubljana. A mixture of green spaces, outdoor cafes, a meandering river, and friendly people. There were so many photo possibilities to entice the artful photographer.

I captured this image of Ljubljana from a rooftop restaurant during the last kiss of the evening light. The ensorcelled scene had a very settled effect on my being. I was lulled into a calm repose while capturing this image. A memorable experience not soon to be forgotten!

Consider Different Points of View . . .

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During our travels through some west Texas towns, we stopped at an eclectic antique warehouse. This abandon truck on their front lot garnered my attention with its weathered colors and the warm, mellow light falling on it. Many points of view were possible with this subject. If you have time, keep exploring the possibilities that are open to you. After several attempts, I settled on this perspective. I included part of the truck with the silver hubcaps in the background, which gave the image a fresh, lyrical perspective.

Chased by the Light . . .

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I love shooting in all types of light! A storm had just blown through Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which resulted in blanketing the area with the most exquisite light. My wife and I quickly headed to our Jeep and took to the back roads reveling in the transformed landscape. With only a few minutes of daylight left, I discover a hidden photographic gem that took my breath away! I quickly composed the scene to preserve the magic moment, before the scene was lost to the blue monotone of impending twilight.

Morning Light . . .

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The quiet of this particular morning in the Mojave Desert was balm to the soul. The desert has a way of casting its own spell on a person. We had the road to ourselves and stopped frequently to amble about and embrace its enchantment and peaceful serenity. This image was a literal expression of those feelings, and now a part of my photo diary.

Light & Color Interaction . . .

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As a photographer, I am always intrigued by the affect light has on a subject. The way it can accentuate and express the color medium. Earlier in the day, I gave this scene little notice as I strolled the beachfront while visiting northern Florida. An unattractive scene given the time of day and harsh light on the buildings. Such was not the case when I noticed this colorful scene bathed in the warmer, soft light of early evening. The scene before me was transformed into a color expression that held me captive. I framed the image to allow the colors to have a playful hand.


Charlottetown . . .

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Strolling the harbor of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island proved to be a photographic delight with the many colorful weathered buildings. This image is the backside of two different buildings. I decided to frame the intersection of the two buildings, which created for me greater visual interest and compositional appeal.


Enchanted Prince Edward Island . . .

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While on Prince Edward Island (one of Canada’s Maritime Provinces), my wife and I submersed ourselves in its many moods and manners. A place where sunlit skies, fog, mist and sea storms can happen in quick successions. It was a wondrous time chasing the ever-changing light that quickly would transform the landscape.

This particular image was captured near Cape Bear lighthouse on the eastern shore of the island. The rust tinted water is due to the iron oxide present in the soil. A striking contrast to the blue-gray Atlantic waters on this windy, rain swept day.