Get Your Kicks on Route 66 . . .

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My wife and I enjoyed a nostalgic stay at the historic Blue Swallow Motel on Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico. A perfect stop after a fanciful day photographing the New Mexico landscape. Of course, I had to take an evening photograph of this iconic motel dating from 1939 with its neon glow. A perfect ending to a beautiful day!



Color Euphoria . . .

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After spending several days photographing the enchanted red rock canyons at Sedona, AZ; I notice these brightly colored adobe buildings as I was driving to our next photographic adventure. Of course, when color like this jumps out at me, I’m in!


Simple Joy . . .


This year, our pasture is a sea of color from the Indian paintbrush. I love the soft, enveloping light of an overcast day to show the delicacy of the blooms. While it can be wondrous photographing the entire scene before you, I decided to concentrate on small, rhythmic groups of flowers. One of my favorite Nikon lenses for this purpose is the Nikon 300mm f4 Phase Fresnel lens. A great lens to facilitate selective focus of the subject, while softening the background. Yes!

~ To chasing the sweet light


A Time to Wonder . . .


Recently, I spent time photographing in the arid Mojave Desert. One of my favorite places to photograph was at Joshua Tree National Park, California. I fell in love with the many Joshua trees that grow in the northern section of the park. The magnificent trees with their varied gestures are ingeniously orchestrated to dazzle! The play of light toward evening produced some of my favorite images. The one shown here is my last capture of the day. I walked back to our Jeep basking in the glow of the desert’s last light, as I said goodbye to the captivating Joshua trees that guided my path.

Ode to a Mega Bloom . . .


We are experiencing a mega bloom of wildflowers in Texas this spring. The image of Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush was captured in our pasture. I was lost in time photographing poetic moments that allowed room enough for my imagination. Go out and photograph the hidden splendors!

The Wonders of Slovenia – October 2019

Bled with lake, island and mountains in background, Slovenia

The lovely country of Slovenia is a photographer’s paradise with the surrounding snow-capped peaks of the Julian Alps, iridescent green-blue lakes and rivers, and a colorful Venetian influenced coastline. While the emphasis of this photo tour will be on photographing Slovenia’s natural treasures, there will be ample time to embrace the well-preserved architecture, charming culture and locally sourced cuisine. All of this and more is waiting to create a lasting travel adventure you will treasure for years to come, with the pictures to prove it!

This Strabo Photo Tour is for all levels of photographers from novice to professional. The tour also embraces individuals who just love to travel and have grand adventures. Limited to only 12 participants.

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Springtime is the land awakening . . .


Moring fog encapsulates a neighbor’s pasture. Natural fog and mist can produce a wonderful painterly affect to a photograph. The scene for me projected a sense of peaceful serenity and whisperings of things to come. Your camera should merely be a conduit to your heart!


Unexpected Surprise . . .


During an evening stroll with my wife on Galveston Island, I turned around and noticed this wonderful moment as two workers were cleaning the popular roller coaster at Historic Pleasure Pier. The unusual interaction of light and color brought it home for me, while the workers added some nice counterpoint!


Graceful Repose . . .


Image of the relaxing pelican was captured during my recent Texas Gulf Coast photographic sojourn. I used a Nikon 300mm Phase Fresnel lens and shot at f4. I am glad the sun was not out. The naturally soft, enveloping light created a pleasing tonal value that appealed to me.