Joyful Expression . . .

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I like to find photographs that are sometimes whimsical in nature. I turned the corner in a small Texas town and saw the colorful balloons tied to a cedar post. What a joyful expression of color!


May in Texas is Indian Blanket time . . .


Our pasture is turning quickly from green to red-orange and yellow tinges as the Indian Blanket flowers are growing in profusion. Also known as the Firewheel, I decided on a close-up to show off the flowers artful design and intense colors. Happy Shooting!


The Art of Seeing

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Had a great time yesterday with the student photographers and videographers from the Academy of Arts at Bransom Elementary School, Burleson, TX. I was impressed with their attentiveness, enthusiasm, and desire to take their photography to the next level. I have no doubt they will! Thank you Ms. Modisette (teacher extraordinaire) and students, for making my lecture a most pleasurable experience. Keep looking for that next great image . . . it might be just a click away!

Nice capture Dave Mason of me in the moment! You caught my best profile:)

Barbara Bush Remembered . . .

©Randy Ziegler

I had the privilege of knowing and photographing the First Lady during my photographic career. During our photographic sojourns, Barbara was always joyful and her genuine charm put everyone at ease.  I fondly remember a conversation before one of the photo shoots in which I called her, “America’s favorite Grandmother.” Barbara’s eyes lit up, and she patted my shoulder and said, “You’re too kind!” I will never forget her genuine warmth. Thanks Barbara for always making my job easier, and making the world a better place!!!

Chasing Bluebonnets in Texas . . .


Captured the natural flower bouquet this morning in my pasture. Embrace the wonder of the day!

I made this image with the Nikon D850 and one of my favorite flower lenses, the Nikon 300mm F4 Phase Fresnel lens. A razor sharp lens that is lightweight.  A winning combo for me!  I also love how the lens compresses subject to background relationships and its ability to crème away the background!