There Are Photos Everywhere – 3

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A few days ago, I was meandering beside Long Creek that flows near the edge of our neighborhood property. The oak leaves being past their prime offered little in the way of exciting photo possibilities. However, there is always another photo possibility when we change our perspective and refocus the lens of our experience. When I did this, I found a myriad of photo possibilities expressed near my feet. A small pool of water was reflecting the most exquisite colors and patterns because of the slight breeze rippling the water. I was a kid again looking through an imaginary kaleidoscope. I was lost in time with the colorful, ever-changing show nature created.

As photographers, we do not have to always travel the ends of the earth to find thrilling pictures. They can be as close as your backyard or a neighborhood creek. When we learn to refocus the lens of our experience, we will see images where there was none before.

Croatian Surprise . . .

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Travel photography to me is about integrating yourself in another culture. Such was the case with this young boy that I photographed in Croatia. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed he was watching me as I was photographing an adjacent building. As I turned and focused my camera on him, he flashed a warm smile and hand gesture. I clicked a few frames, and probably had a smile as wide as the sun. One of my favorite shots captured in Croatia! I used a Nikon D850/Nikon 70-200mm f4.

As I showed him the images on my Nikon monitor, he brimmed with joy! Photography truly is a universal language. Use your photography to connect with the world and share its wonder!

There Are Photos Everywhere – 2

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Yesterday I wandered again into our neighbors pasture to capture this image during the morning fog. Another photo possibility waiting for me. I felt the near fence created a perfect frame for the majestic oak tree. The color contrast between the two pastures was a bonus! I used a Nikon D850/35mm f1.8 @f11.

There Are Photos Everywhere . . .

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Sometimes all one has to do is venture into a neighbors pasture! When we look, we begin to see photo possibilities are really everywhere. Such was the case the other evening at sunset walking our neighbor’s back pasture. The small vine entwined in the fence caught my eye. To bring attention to the leaves and vine I used a Nikon D850/Nikon 300mm Phase Fresnel f4 @ f7.1. A sweet lens to help isolate the background and bring attention to your subject. Use the tool that helps you make your strongest statement in the simplest terms.

Thanks Lee and Cindy for providing a beautiful place where a photographer’s mind can wander!


Above the Clouds . . .

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This was the end of a glorious day chasing the sweet light as we drove to the highest point in the Julian Alps. It was surreal to be above the clouds photographing the blue light! I captured this image with a Nikon D850/Nikon 18-35mm @18mm. The ultra-wide setting on my Nikon lens allowed me to capture the expansiveness and expression of what I envisioned.

Learn the vision of your lenses, and use the right one for your photographic narrative.

Yellow Larch – Julian Alps

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Autumn is a great time to photograph the changing colors in the Julian Alps. This image was taken in the breathtaking Triglav National Park of Slovenia. Early afternoon light was a bit too harsh for my liking, so I waited for some clouds to pass overhead. As a result, it gave a softer, painterly quality to the scene before me. Which is exactly what I had visualized in my mind’s eye. Thank you nature for cooperating!

Ljubljana Lullaby . . .

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I recently led a photo tour to the inspiring European country of Slovenia. Our first stop was the colorful city of Ljubljana. A mixture of green spaces, outdoor cafes, a meandering river, and friendly people. There were so many photo possibilities to entice the artful photographer.

I captured this image of Ljubljana from a rooftop restaurant during the last kiss of the evening light. The ensorcelled scene had a very settled effect on my being. I was lulled into a calm repose while capturing this image. A memorable experience not soon to be forgotten!