Color Forms . . .

Blog 4 ©Randy Ziegler

This image happened when the sun’s rays were illuminating an adjacent sandy cliff.  As a result, the warm colored sunlight reflected on the water to create a vibration of golden tones with the blue water (reflected skylight).  I wanted a more abstract feel to my photograph so I chose a slower shutter speed (1/13 sec.) to allow the color forms to create different streaks and shapes.  I used a Nikon 300mm f4 Phase Fresnel lens (an amazing lens – lightweight and super sharp!) to further compress the scene and bring a closer color relationship.


Street Art . . .

Blog ©Randy Ziegler

Last week I was in downtown Austin, Texas capturing the pulse of city life with my camera.  Austin offers the color shooter a plethora of things to photograph.  This intensely painted abstract mural was a few blocks from the capital building.  A bit of patience paid off as the two women walked by, which added to my visual commentary.

Celebrate Earth Month!

Blog ©Randy Ziegler

Go afield with a good attitude, with respect for the forest and fields in which you walk.  Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience.  It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person.  ~ Fred Bear

The photograph of bluebonnets was captured not far from my home in Texas.  Go out with your camera and celebrate the wonders of nature!

Spring . . .

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Go out and capture the essence of the day with your camera!  This image of a flowering dogwood was taken near Nacogdoches, Texas.  The air was filled with the sweet perfume of wild dogwoods and azaleas . . . pure delight!

Colorful Flower Pots – Chefchaouen, Morocco


I captured these brightly colored flowerpots during a photo tour I led to Morocco. Chefchaouen is a great place for the obsessed color photographer!  Around every corner is a colorful artistic expression waiting for your photographic interpretation.  A great place to get lost in time and just enjoy the art of mindful capture.

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Come pick your own shamrock . . .

Shamrock close up

Come share the wonders of Ireland as I lead a 10-day photo tour (June 15 – 25, 2017) to experience and photograph some of the most beautiful and intriguing scenery in all of Ireland! This incredible tour will concentrate on western Ireland with its rugged pristine coastlines, unspoiled villages, ancient abbeys and castles, and pastoral settings. We will also take time to slow our pace and embrace the ambience of some classic Irish pubs that will have you singing the night away!

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Reaction time . . .


There was not much time to react when I noticed these three birds perched on a wire and one that decided to take to the friendly skies.  This type of action shot is all about second nature reaction time.  You do not have time to mess with camera settings.  Which is why during my camera saunters I always have my lens cap off, my favorite camera settings engaged, with camera in hand.  As I like to say, “Preparedness is nine-tenths of preventing a wonderful photo moment from being lost.”  The better prepared you are, the better your reaction time.  Better reaction time equals greater pictorial outcomes.

The Moroccan Experience . . .


I love finding those unexpected moments that rarely happen again.  I was photographing the blue fishing boats in the colorful harbor at Essaouira, Morocco when I turned around and saw this “photo moment” happening.  Sometimes the best shot is behind you, not in front of you!  As I often tell photographers, “Shoot as if you are in a round theater and the play is happening all around you, not just immediately in front of you.”  As photographers, we get so focused on what is in front of us, we can forget that something wonderful may be happening behind us.  Remember to rotate your visual periphery as photographic possibilities are evolving all around you.