A foggy morning in Texas . . .

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I captured this image during an early morning saunter today in my hometown of Granbury. Fog can be a wonderful attribute that will give a special atmospheric quality to your photographs. I am always looking for intangible elements that will take my images to the next level.

Saunter away!


Anatomy of a Photo Shoot . . .

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Searching my photo archives recently, I came upon a cover shot that reminded me of all the times I have had to “punt” during a photo shoot. A photographer must be alert and open to possibilities, even when those possibilities seem remote.

I captured the cover shot for the Mayo Alumni magazine, while I was an editorial photographer at the renowned Mayo Clinic. The scientist’s office was small, cluttered with scientific documents, and lit with unattractive fluorescent light. My assignment was to create a captivating image of the doctor to honor his many contributions to medicine.  Let’s just say the odds of that happening, in that room, was limited!

I tried a few options but nothing was singing “cover shot” to me. He then informed me he had only 10 minutes before his next appointment. Great, now what? As I often tell photographers during my photo workshops, “Keep looking and you will find the next right answer.” It was then with limited time, I looked out the window and wondered, “What if he was involved writing a formula on his office window?” He liked the idea, and found a marker to write a scientific formula he had been working on. I turned off the overhead fluorescent lights, and used only available daylight coming through the window. This gave me the ability to transform abstract elements of everyday life into a hallmark image. Being inventive, I constructed a great cover image, which the editor loved!

Remember to keep looking for the next right answer. Always be open to new ways of seeing, which will parlay you to a victorious photo capture.

Colors & Contrasts of San Antonio – April 20-22, 2018

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Join me for a three-day photographic sojourn to explore the colors and contrasts of San Antonio, Texas.  A vibrant city with a rich culture that facilely blends the sights, sounds and flavors of a modern city, old Mexico, and Texas heritage. Travel and Leisure recently listed San Antonio as one of the “Top 15 Cities in the United States” to visit, according to its readers.

Our photographic foray will take us to 18th century Spanish missions, San Fernando Cathedral, historic Alamo site, a colorful Mexican market, the picturesque River Walk, and time to engage the charming locals with your camera.  Emphasis during the photo workshop will be shooting with natural light (available light from any source) and finding the spontaneous revelatory moments that many photographers miss.

During the workshop, I will provide instant feedback while shooting in the field, which will allow for real time advances in seeing and shooting techniques.  Class size is limited to only eight participants to allow for a more intimate and rewarding workshop experience.  More info here: http://www.randyziegler.com

Turn up the quiet with Quiet Nights

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This CD by accomplished jazz musician Diana Krall, is a must have when editing your photographs at the end of the day. Her artful, inventive piano style and lush voice will caress and sooth your artistic soul. Let her music transport you to meditative equilibrium, as you search for that next great image that defines you as an artist.


You’re Invited . . .


The Granbury Camera Club is honored to present natural light photographer Randy Ziegler on Tuesday, January 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the Shanley House (224 N. Travis St., Granbury, TX.) His lecture, Revelatory Moments: Seeing the Extraordinary in the Ordinary will give you insights into his visionary process as he captures the moments of life that most people never notice. His photographs will captivate and inspire you, which will elevate your seeing of the world around you.

The event is open to the public, and there is no charge to attend.

A place to be MERRY . . . Italy

Beautiful cypress-lined road in the light of the setting sun

Give the gift of a unique travel experience to photograph the artistic wonders and culture of Italy, October 2-13, 2018. I will take you to favorite locations in Florence, off the beaten path hill towns of Tuscany, and the colorful canals of Venice. There are interesting aspects of Italian life waiting to explore at every turn. This tour is limited to only 12 participants to allow for a more intimate and rewarding experience. We always welcome tour companions who are not photographers. Whether you are an emerging photographer or seasoned shooter, I will be there every step of the way to encourage, guide, and inspire you to capture artful images in this enchanted region of Italy.

Give as a gift or spoil yourself, and embark on a memorable Strabo photographic tour adventure! Find more info here: Enchanted Italy