A Morning Saunter . . .

There is something magical about an early morning saunter with my camera looking for that next expressive image! And Saint Tropez, France is most certainly a place to slow one’s pace, and take in the colorful, visual delights. When I observed this image possibility from across the street, I instinctively knew a person would add to the visual narrative of the scene. Within minutes, a woman came walking down the street. When I noticed her blue jean jacket, all I could do was smile! Her blue jacket was the perfect complimented to the woman’s eyes in the poster. Icing on the photographic cake!   

Ljubljana, Slovenia

An outdoor café located in the city’s old town area. Image captured with one of my favorite travel lenses the Nikon 70-200mm f4. A sharp, lightweight lens that won’t burden you while shooting all day long. And that’s a good thing!   

Ethereal Light . . .

During my photography workshops, I’ll often hear photographers groan about shooting on overcast days. I try to enlighten them with a bit of learned “photo wisdom” over the years. As I like to say, “Shift your paradigm, photograph in all types of light and learn to see the wonder that is being expressed!”

This photo capture on an overcast day in Grand Canyon National Park is a perfect example. While two photographers standing near me complained because it wasn’t a sunshiny day, I chose to embrace the soft, enveloping light that was painting a tapestry of lovely muted colors and tones. I was able to capture a unique expression of the Grand Canyon that would not have been possible on a sunlit day. A new reveal of wonder . . . when we choose to see it.

After the rain . . .

I delight in capturing flowers after a rain shower. The water droplets and color forms are new visual treats to my eyes! I used a Nikon 105mm macro lens to bring the viewer closer into this magical world.

Roadside Wonders . . .

Yesterday morning while driving to the grocery store, I was enthralled by all the beautiful Texas wildflowers growing in the road ditches. Of course, I had to pull over and capture some of the bountiful bouquets teasing me with their colors and placement.