Unexpected Surprise . . .

I love being surprised during my photographic outings! Such was the case with this glass entryway door. I was instantly intrigued by the mired of bubbles, which happened due to years of Texas summer heat striking the interior mylar sunscreen.

The upper half of the photo is a reflection from a building across the street. The lower half of the photo is reflecting a car that is parallel parked on the street in front of the glass door. I worked quickly composing this layered image hoping the car would not leave. Had that happened, the image would have lost some of its soul – its mystery and intrigue.

Transitional Light . . .

Photographing landscapes on foggy mornings has always been a magical time for me. Especially during the transitional phase – when the subdued light becomes ever-evolving as the sun begins to penetrate the condensing water vapor. The landscape expresses a myriad of subtle, characteristic changes during this process, albeit fleeting.

This photograph was captured just as a hint of sunlight began to penetrate the surrounding water vapor.    

Abstract Friday’s . . .

The photograph is of an old, metal building that was used as a warehouse to store and sell cotton many years ago. I spent an hour or so, capturing it from different angles and perspectives. This is the one that resonated with me!  

Photography is . . .

Photography is the easiest medium with which to be merely competent. Almost anybody can be competent. It’s the hardest medium in which to have some sort of personal vision and to have a signature style.  ~ Chuck Close

This quote over the years, has served as a friendly reminder to continue to signify my authentic, artistic vision. As a result, I never really thought about a style, it just came quite naturally.

Interrupted . . .

I really love to photograph patterns! But I especially like it when I find a break in the uniformity of a pattern. To me, it adds a dimension of drama and visual intrigue to the photograph.

Image was captured in Essaouira, Morocco during a stroll through the souk (Moroccan market).

Fleeting Art . . .

A hand-painted building mural reflecting on a parked car. It is always thrilling for me to find objects or things that become artful in appearance due to the influence of environmental factors. There is exciting, though sometimes fleeting, artful possibilities that are constantly being revealed. Be passionate about the world around you and become taken by the little wonders. It is its own reward!

Taken . . .

I have always been taken by a foggy or misty morning! There is something wonderfully enchanting about being immersed in its quiet and hidden mystery. The saturated colors of daytime are transformed in to the most delicious soft, muted tones. Yes, most of my photography tends to lean toward images with rich, saturated colors. But I thoroughly enjoy jumping out of my ‘artistic zone’ at times and embracing the wonder and photographic opportunities that are present on foggy mornings. Especially, given the fact that they do not happen that often where I live in Texas.

The enclosed image was captured in January of this year. I loved the distinct gestures of the trees and the mellow foreground color, which added depth and warmth to the photograph. After I completed my composition, I indeed took time to bathe in the serenity of the scene before me. I wanted to store this indelible moment in my memory bank to be retrieved in the years ahead.    

Check back, as I will be posting additional fog images, as part of a series, in the near future.