Enchanted Italy: Florence, Tuscany Hill Towns & Venice – October 2-13, 2018

Gondolas on canal in Venice

Join me on a unique travel experience to photograph the artistic wonders and culture of Italy. I will take you to favorite locations in Florence, off the beaten path hill towns of Tuscany, and the colorful canals of Venice. There are interesting aspects of Italian life waiting to be explored at every turn. This tour is limited to only 12 participants to allow for a more intimate and rewarding photographic experience. We always welcome tour companions who are not photographers. Whether you are an emerging photographer or seasoned shooter, I will be there every step of the way to encourage, guide, and inspire you to capture artful images in this enchanted region of Italy.

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The New Nikon D850 . . . Sweet!

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I have been shooting with Nikon’s new 45.7 MP D850 camera for the past month, and I am impressed! Truly a camera for all seasons and styles of photography!  The ergonomics are spot on.  A nice feel in the hand with intuitive placement of buttons and controls.  Of course, I love the tilting monitor.  It makes capturing those low-angled shots a little easier as I age.  The high-resolution sensor allows for creative in-camera cropping possibilities, or in post-production.  Wonderful flexibility!  The improved high ISO delivers nice, clean images up to ISO 6,400!  This opens the ‘shooting in low-light door’ a little wider.  I also see a slight increase in tonal dynamic range over my Nikon D810 cameras (which are the crème of the crop in dynamic range).  In my captures, the D850 is holding even more highlight detail, which is always a good thing.

I captured the image of a staircase with the Nikon D850/Nikon 18-35mm lens (unaltered image, straight out of the camera).  The image is very sharp and holding an amazing amount of detail from the darkest area, to the lightest area of the photograph.

Just a short update (more to follow), on what I think is the most versatile and user-friendly camera Nikon has ever produced, and that I have ever used  Bravo Nikon!

Keep chasing the sweet light!


Cuba Blog

Update on my Strabo Photo Tour to Cuba on March 9-18, 2018

“Cuba has been fighting their way back from Irma. Those areas severely hit should be back in full force by December 1. Any areas included on our tours are already operational, WITHOUT ANY CHANGES TO THE PROGRAMS. The Cuban people benefit tremendously from US & Canadian Tourism. PHOTOGRAPHERS: We encourage you to travel now before there are further changes made by the many cruise ships and further development.” ~ Strabo Photo Tours

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Hot Off The Press . . .


In Revelatory Moments I will be taking you on a pictorial journey over the years and share my thoughts, insights, and revelations during the moments of photo capture.  This is not a technical photography book, but rather a guidepost for those who want to elevate their seeing.

Preview the book here: REVELATORY MOMENTS

Revelatory Moment . . .

Blog ©Randy Ziegler

This abstract photo happened when I walked by a historic hotel in Clayton, New Mexico. I was captivated by the look of the flowers and clay vase behind the glass window.  As a result, the glass window created a soft, dreamy quality that immediately appealed to me. I clicked a few images with my Nikon D810/Nikkor 70-200mm, and then continued my photographic foray.

Intriguing images are constantly being revealed, but only when we fine-tune our seeing. In the end, to take great images you have to see greatly.  It all comes down to seeing!

Light’s Reflection . . .

Blog 2 ©Randy Ziegler

A building reflection on a small canal in Fort Worth, Texas.  The wind was rippling the water, which created a variety of artistic interpretations.  When that happens, shoot and shoot a lot.  The possibilities are truly endless!

Visit Cuba . . . the time is now!

Street scene with vintage car in Havana, Cuba.

I am leading a photography tour to Cuba on March 9 -18, 2018 where we will discover Cuba’s larger-than life culture, vibrant rhythms and weathered beauty while exploring and photographing the historic attractions.  I collaborate with Strabo Photo Tours, a US tour operator approved to conduct Educational & Cultural People to People programs under the new US policy.  This tour is limited to only 12 participants to allow for a more intimate and rewarding experience.

We will stroll the cobblestone streets of Old Havana and capture the baroque facades, while vintage cars whiz by.  Then journey to the colorful colonial town of Trinidad, experience the contemplative countryside of the Pinar del Rio and Zapata Provinces, including the beautiful southern coastal beach at Playa Larga.  This and more awaits to enlighten your senses, while providing a plethora of dramatic photographic opportunities each day.

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Happy 100th Anniversary Nikon!

Blog ©Randy Ziegler

I looked through my first Nikon F camera back in 1973, I was hooked!  What can I say; it has been an amazing ride.  Nikon has been there every step of the way adding new technologies, cameras and lenses that allowed me to preserve those enchanted moments of life.  The image for this post was captured using a Nikon F2 camera and Kodachrome 64 film.  Loved shooting with the F2 in those early years!

I am proud to be a contributing photographer for Nikon, and look forward to many more years together.  A big happy anniversary to all the innovators and good folks at Nikon . . . long may you run!


The Colors and Contrasts of Cuba – March 9 – 18, 2018


Lady holding a fan and a cigar dressed in white

Join me on a photographic travel adventure to Cuba through a licensed ‘People to People’ Program, with activities that will immerse you in to the heart and soul of this intriguing and colorful country.  The focus of the tour is cultural and historical in nature, while providing a plethora of dramatic photographic opportunities each day.  This tour is limited to only 12 participants to allow for a more intimate and rewarding experience.

Mark your calendars and let’s make a memorable photographic tour adventure together! For more information on my Strabo Cuba Photo Tour, click the following link: Cuba Photo Tour