Graceful Repose . . .


Image of the relaxing pelican was captured during my recent Texas Gulf Coast photographic sojourn. I used a Nikon 300mm Phase Fresnel lens and shot at f4. I am glad the sun was not out. The naturally soft, enveloping light created a pleasing tonal value that appealed to me.




The Drama of Color . . .


Always be open to a new way of looking at things. In time, opportunities will reveal themselves where they previously had not. Image captured at an eclectic bed & breakfast in the high mountain desert of West Texas.


Slovenia 2019 . . . YES!

Buildings of Piran Old Town Reflected in Water.

Slovenia is a photographer’s paradise with the surrounding snow-capped peaks of the Julian Alps, iridescent green-blue lakes and rivers, and a colorful Venetian influenced coastline. While the emphasis of this photo tour will be on photographing Slovenia’s natural treasures, there will be ample time to embrace the well-preserved architecture, charming culture and locally sourced cuisine. Sign up now! Limited to only 12 participants. Find more information here – Strabo Photo Tour – Slovenia


I do not seek . . .

RZ blog

I like to follow the advice of artist Pablo Picasso during my photographic sojourns, “I do not seek, I find.” Drop your preconceived expectations; be open and possibilities will begin to reveal themselves.


Let the moment take you . . .


Amazing what you can find to photograph while running errands! I pulled my car over and was lost in the serenity and peacefulness of the moment! The simple symmetry of the row of trees with their soft, autumnal hues took my breath away! Let the moment take you where it wants!