Ode to Mexican Markets . . .

They are a wonderful place to find exciting fusions of color and design. And for an obsessed color photographer, that makes for a good day! This image was captured at the Historic Market Square in San Antonio, Texas. What is interesting is this photograph was not shot on the inside of the market, but a portion of an exterior wall that surrounds it.

As a photographer, it is easy to get caught-up in shooting in the central arena, which in this case was the colorful market within the walls. I have been there! But now, I make sure to take time to wander from the arena and find those “visual treats” that photographers tend to miss.

Image Acquisition Process: For this image, I used a Nikon D850/Nikon 70-200mm (@70mm), f14. The iron gate blocked access to the colored area behind. No problem, just look for the visual solution! I focused my lens to maintain critical sharpness on the black curvy bars, which resulted in the distance wall being rendered a pleasing softness that appealed to me. A few inches movement in any direction completely changed the background color relationship dramatically. This final composition was the one that spoke to me in a resounding way. Image captured in-camera, as I saw it.

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