Alpine Wonders . . .

The thin, windy road in this image is known as the Vrsic Mountain Pass (the highest mountain pass in Slovenia) will eventually lead you to some of the most breathtaking views in the eastern Julian Alps. That is after some 50 harpin turns along the way skirting the very edge of the mountain at times. Few roads in the world can match its sheer driving thrill and majestic, mountain views along the way. There are several small pull-outs along the route that will allow you to capture unforgettable vistas with your camera. Plan to spend an entire day on the pass to catch the ever-changing light and atmospheric conditions.

Thoughts Behind the Lens: I made several images from this vantage point, but it was this view with the light coming behind the mountains that brought it home for me! The sunlight striking the foreground created a warm tone, which contrasted nicely against the bluish mountains in shadow. Backlighting can be a wonderful way to add pizzazz and layered depth to your photograph. I liked the narrow, ribbon of road that disappears encapsulating the scene with a bit of intrigue and mystery as to where it might lead.  

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