Snowfall . . .

Since today is the last day of January, I thought it appropriate to share a photograph of a Texas snowfall. Yes, we can get blanketed with the white stuff in north central Texas. And when it happens, I am out with my Nikon embracing the wonder! I did not have to go far for this capture, the road in front of our house provided an opportune focal point and design element.

Thoughts Behind the Camera: I could have chosen to capture the image in black & white mode in my camera, given the apparent lack of color within the scene. However, I much prefer to use the color setting in my camera. As a result, the photograph exhibits muted, soft color tones that appeals to me. Photographically, it is known as, No color – color. When you look closely, you will see very slight variations in color tone. The lack of color in a color photograph, can be just as exciting as vibrant color. It all depends on the scene and your narrative. Less and be more!

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